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India has turned into one of the most lucrative markets for business and with the growing attention and investments it is receiving from the various giant enterprises in the world it is no doubt that the local players and local businesses are suffering severe challenges. With lesser walk-ins and fierce pricing competition from well-funded multinationals, it is becoming difficult for these smaller enterprises to market their products and brands. For such businesses, digital marketing on social media platforms like Instagram can act as a perfect medium to promote their brands and sell their products.

Here are some Instagram features that can assist your local business:

Public reach and penetration

The most immediate benefit that Instagram provides is access to a large audience that is just a few fingertips away. Any content that you post on your feed can be accessed by hundreds of thousands of people with just a little promotion.

This becomes a great boon to local businesses who can economically promote their brand on Instagram and can even connect with the local communities. They can market their products and reach out to the local diaspora effectively.


Instagram stories and posts

Instagram is a visual platform and the best way to promote your business here is by developing attractive and appealing visual content. The Instagram posts and stories that you make can connect with all your followers and allow you to attract loyal customers over a period of time.

For any local business to successfully market itself on Instagram it is important that the content it posts and stories it shares connect with the local community. Sharing localized content makes you seem approachable and you are perceived as part of the community. Some influencers or other local businesses might also mention you in their posts and thus create traffic for you.





Instagram is a social media platform that does not recognize links in the posts, thus it becomes challenging for the people to divert traffic to their brand’s website or any other target locations they want. The only area which you can work with here is the Instagram bio.

Your business page’s bio is the only space on Instagram where you can include a link, so you must capitalize on it so that people can directly revert to your webpage after they finish on Instagram. You should also mention about your other social media accounts so that they get more traffic and include local and relevant hashtags to be more visible.



Paid promotions

Paid promotions are one of the most efficient ways to market your brand on Instagram. You can promote your posts and stories so that they can reach a wider range of audience and ensure that the number of followers you have increases along with the influence your brand has.

Instagram also gives you a lot of choice and variety with respect to the kind of target audience you wish to reach. Such features make promotions on Instagram very economic for the local businesses as they can target their niche markets easily.


shopping ads

Another important feature of Instagram that becomes a boon for local businesses is the mobile shopfront feature. Instagram allows you to turn any of your posts or stories into an opportunity to shop online.

When you post a photo and tag your products in it, people see your picture and like it but once they tap the picture, they will see the price and the short description of your products.

If people click on the product again, they will see richer product description, additional photos and the “Shop Now” or “View on Website” button. This will, in turn, help you sell your product automatically Through Instagram.




Another feature that helps the local businesses a lot is the Instagram insights feature. Consumer preferences are constantly changing and it is extremely important for a business to analyze the results of its marketing campaigns. The insights feature of Instagram allows you to analyze which content creates the most engagement and investigate the sudden spikes in likes, comments, and shares. It thus enables you to ask the people who are drawn to your businesses about their feedback to better understand customer mentality.


With millions of users active daily on Instagram, it is a gold mine for selling your products. The Instagram community is growing larger by the day and will provide huge opportunities to various businesses in the future. It is thus vital for the businesses to understand the dynamics of Instagram marketing and ensure that they can strengthen the presence of their brands in this wonderful community.

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