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India has become the second worst-affected country by COVID.

In a country with 20% of the population living below the poverty line, a four-month-long lock-down was nothing more than a nightmare. Businesses shut, many become jobless, nations economy is suffering high time. The immediate effects of the pandemic are projecting a blurry future of our nation.

BUT as every coin has two sides, COVID also has a positive side to it. While the movement was restricted, we were obligated to use digital alternatives for daily needs. May it be joining work, grocery shopping, healthcare, checking on relatives, education or entertainment, we have managed to find a digital alternative for it. This has accelerated the ongoing digital transformation at an unprecedented pace in India. With a large number of users relying on digital alternatives/methods now, there is an increase in demand. To leverage this demand, many new and traditional businesses are trying their luck in the digital markets. Since the future is digital, COVID-19 can possibly prove to be a fast-forward button to the future!

As of now, COVID-19 has undoubtedly derailed the nation’s economy, and it may take a while to bring it back on track but, we can use the digital acceleration to attain a relatively faster recovery and a brighter future.

आइये आपदा को अवसर में बदलें!

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