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10 Reasons why You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy In 2019

Why does a company develop its brand and market its product? Well, the answer is simple – they want their brand to be known among the audience. A wider brand reach ensures that they can sell to a larger number of people and maximize their profits. With the rapid development of internet and social media, the best way to reach one’s customers is through digital marketing strategy in 2019.

The digital marketing sector is growing at a faster pace than one can imagine. Almost 25% of the total media spends in India are in the form of digital ads. Moreover, the digital marketing industry is growing at an average of more than 30% per year with India having the second largest population of internet users. From this, we can easily understand that while traditional marketing methods are here to stay, digital marketing is the future.

In this blog we will discuss various reasons why your business needs a digital marketing strategy in 2019.

1) Cost Effective

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The development of the web and its massive reach has made the most affordable marketing platforms available today. Advertisements on social media platforms and through google are much more affordable compared to the traditional TV, Radio and print media combinations. We can also utilize marketing techniques like content marketing and Search Engine Optimization that require a minimal amount of investment. Thus, in this scenario having a digital marketing strategy in 2019 can be extremely propitious to your business.

2) Access To A Large Potential Clientele

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For a business, it is important to utilize their resources on a platform where it can interact with its clients. It is important for a business to recognize where the majority of its target audience is gathered. The answer to this question is – social media.

It is 2019 and almost 2.7 billion people use social media platforms every day and about 5.6 billion Google searches take place every day. In addition, the average person spends almost 24 hours a week online. So, no matter who your target audience is they are all spending time on these digital platforms, hence including a robust digital marketing strategy in 2019 becomes imperative for businesses.

3) Niche Targeting

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Digital marketing allows us to customize marketing campaigns in accordance with the product and brand profile. You can choose the audience that you want to reach out to and enhance the effectiveness of your campaign.

Let’s assume that we are a cosmetics brand for young women. Through digital marketing, we can customize the campaign by target specific demographic groups and their interests and preferences. Today in 2019 such specification becomes a huge advantage and is the most important reason for your business to invest in online marketing.


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Unlike traditional marketing, Digital Marketing allows you to track every single rupee you spend on advertising. Who, when, and where saw your ad and what action they took- everything is trackable. It can be done using tracking software like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. We can also understand the key areas that are bringing us traffic and leads. This allows the business to analyze its marketing efforts and effectively plan and optimize its campaigns for the future.

5) Better Return On Investment

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Digital marketing campaigns assist the business in generating targeted leads. Such leads have a high possibility of converting into sales ensuring that you achieve a better return on investment. Digital marketing also enables us to accurately measure our return on investment. This helps us understand the impact of our marketing campaigns. Thus it is extremely important for your company to perform digital marketing in 2019.

6)The Influence Of Engaging Content

engaging content











There was a time when marketing was all about telling people what your product is. It was usually print and television media that were used to bombard the public with ads and ensure that they were not forgotten.

Today however things are much different. With the growing influence and penetration of video and audio content, interaction with the audience has become much more convenient. With platforms like YouTube, Snap chat and Instagram on the rise the preference is shifting from text-based content to visuals and videos. Thus, to stay ahead of the competition and monetize these upcoming opportunities it is essential that your business execute an effective digital media strategy in 2019.

7) The E-Commerce Surge

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Retail shopping has seen an array of changes in recent times. From departmental stores and eCommerce, we are now moving to the times of social media selling. An online presence thus becomes vital for your business. You can now directly interact with the customers on these platforms and use them as a shop to display and market your products. It provides a strong pitch for your brand and lets you interact with the customers in a friendly and effective manner.

8) Instant Consumer Feedback


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Today it is widely believed that the customer is king. It is the goal of every business to satisfy their customers and create a loyal consumer base. It is also essential in every aspect that the business is effectively able to interact with the audiences and resolve their queries. The best way to do this is through digital marketing platforms and social media services. These platforms allow customers to instantly interact with us. They also help us understand their likes and dislikes enabling future planning.

9) Future Prospects Of Digital Marketing

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Within the next few years, digital marketing will become a major strategic target of every business organization. The future of digital marketing rests upon concepts like Artificial Intelligence, chat-bots, virtual assistants. With all these technologies becoming increasingly affordable and available they are going to allow you to reach an ever-expanding customer base and ensure that your products stay relevant in the competition.

10) Effective enhancement of brand reputation



brand reputation











Digital marketing platforms are an effective way for a business to communicate with their target audience. Using these platforms you can tell the story of your journey and explain your products effectively. This can help your business develop its own niche and connect with its customers to build a lasting reputation among them.

You can convert your paying customers into loyal ambassadors of your brand and enhance your brand reputation among your clientele by formulating a digital marketing strategy in 2019.


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From the above discussion, we understand that digital marketing is the future of advertising in India. Everywhere in the world people have started embracing this concept and are using it to maximize their revenues. It is thus high time that your business joins the fray to ensure that you built an impressive presence on the various digital platforms.

For this purpose, we at The Nexus Digital have you covered with a young holistic team to answer all your digital marketing queries and help you formulate a digital marketing strategy in 2019.

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This post you shared here is very informative and accurate, and I totally agree with you. Digital marketing strategies might seem quite to carry out, but after reading this article, I realize I need to put more effort into it. Thank you for sharing this post with us. Yes, I will bookmark this blog to check for more updates. You’re a great teacher.

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