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13 Oct: Coronavirus: A curse or a blessing in disguise

In a country with 20% of the population living below the poverty line, a four-month-long lock-down was nothing more than a nightmare. Businesses shut, many become jobless, nations economy is suffering high time. The immediate effects of the pandemic are projecting a blurry future of our nation.

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14 May: Instagram: A Blessing For Local Businesses

India has turned into one of the most lucrative markets for business and with the growing attention and investments it is receiving from the various giant enterprises in the world it is no doubt that the local players and local businesses are suffering severe challenges.

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05 Nov: Whatsapp Ads

Is WhatsApp coming up with ads? If yes, It will be the biggest revolution in the digital marketing industry! With 1 billion daily active users Whatsapp is the most used social platform with a humongous penetration of 1.5 billion accounts all over the world